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Brea & Beretta's Discovery Video Loop Below!


Southern Kennels (SK) draws the line between just an average canine verses a future champion bred for the field, show, & family. Navigate through each of our Vizslas & Weims pages to view their profiles & litter information (left). View our Upcoming Litters feed to the (right). Visit our Facebook to view photos/reviews from 100's of members in our growing Vizsla & Weimaraner community. SK offers an experience for all families who join our list developed over a decade ago. We build a relationship with you and help pair you first with the right list. After the pups are born, your family will get to share the journey every 10-14 days of our pups growth and development; this ultimately provides you a more knowledgeable & informed approach when it's time to pick out your Weimaraner or Vizsla family companion.

Our pups are handeled daily with our family, staff, and entire pack family. We raise our pups indoors while further providing daily exposure in our multi-terrain environment that pre-exposes them to important duties such as obedience & training, swimming, potty training, hunting instincts such as tracking, pointing, retrieving, and more. This approach ultimately develops a pup that is well-rounded & very healthy not only physically, but psychologically and socially as well; producing a pup that is confident and readily prepared to begin their journey of companionship with their new family.

Click the Contact Us tab to send us an email directly with an inquiry or any questions you may have. Simply click the Purchase a Pup tab for an easy step by step process to join the list of your choice. Our transactions are handled via our SSL certified GoDaddy Store allowing you to make your purchases safely & securely online. Discover your next Weimaraner or Vizsla companion with us & your family will endure a love & companionship they will cherish for a lifetime. Find your family companion with SouthernKennels today!

Director of Southern Kennels - Aron Helfinstine
CEO of Weimaraner development - Craig Dilbeck
CEO of Vizsla development - Sierra Combs

Upcoming Litters
Savannah & Jeri Pups Ready April 9th-19th
Chloe & Jericho Vizslas
Pups ready April 9th-19th
Hannah & Donner Weims Blue & Silver (SOLD OUT)

Brea & Jeri Vizsla
Pups Ready April 9th-19th

Harley & Donner Weims
Blue & Silvers April 16-18th
Beretta & Jeri Vizsla Pups Ready April 9th-19th
Maddie Close up
Maddie & Jeri Vizslas
Ready Jan (SOLD OUT)


Weimaraner Inquiries Contact:  Phone: 706.270.2181
Vizsla Inquiries Contact: Phone: 304.920.2766

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