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Pups ready NOW below!

Weizsla Boy "WeeMan"

Blue Longhair Weimaraner Boy "Grizzly"

Silver Weimaraner Boy "Mr.Green"

Weimaraners Vizslas
* Biscuit Weims & Weizslas ready NOW
* Harley & Bentley ready April 2015
* Hannah & Bentley May 2015

* Ava & Jericho SOLD OUT
* Maddie & Jericho ready late Jan 2015
* Chloe & Bent (WEIZLAS) March/April 2015
* Savannah & Jeri ready April/May 2015
* Beretta & Jeri ready May/June 2015

--- Making the Right Choice ---

This page is always a great place to start if you are considering your next Weimaraner or Vizsla companion from SouthernKennels. A
go-to-place for the latest video updates of any of our current lists with pups available, the information above summarizes when pups from our current and upcoming lists will be able to join their new families and the videos to the left feature the latest video updates from our lists which currently have pups available.

Be sure to check out each of the parent's individual pages for a more extensive review of information you should consider as you make your decision when choosing a pup; including profile summaries, previous video updates, as well as a list chart demonstrating availability. This info has been created for you because we passionately pride our programs ability to match you with not only a puppy, but specifically and exactly what you and your family was hoping to achieve when purchasing your Weimaraner or Vizsla companion

Our media updates occur every 10-14 days for every litter in our program. We highly encourage our families to follow us on Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook as well for an extensive, inside look at our pups as they grow and develop together throughout their 7-week journey on the farm at SouthernKennels. Our success speaks for itself, and we want you to become part of it knowing you not only chose the perfect program but the perfect puppy as well. If you'd like us to help you narrow down those options for you; please don't hesitate to contact us---it is truly an honor and loving passion to help you discover your next canine companion, and together begin a journey of love and companionship your family will cherish for many years to come.

Aron A. Helfinstine
Director of Southern Kennels